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free games for kids

Every parent want to teach their children teach something new, but it’s a big challenge to teach them everything very easily. But Kids will learn anything if we teach them visually. Mobile games are best way for that, they will learn with fun without get boring as well as parent will know which activities they would like to do by¬† these kind of kids games. From here you will get latest puzzle and car washing games for kids designed and developed by GameiMax.

Unblock Car

Unblock CarUnblock Car is most popular and addictive sliding block puzzle game. The goal of game is to get red car to get out of some busy parking areas by moving the other cars out of the way. Help the red racing car get out of some difficult parking situations. Unblock Car comes with 11 chapters divided into 9 levels. There are many levels from easy to difficult. Move the different vehicle wisely to open a path. There are many puzzle games for you. To keep you busy for hours of playing and to keep you always challenged.


Game Video:

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Wash My Car for Kids


Wash My Car

In Wash My Car, players have to wash the car. You have to wash the car like it’s yours. In this game, you can never bore while washing your car and changing tires. In this game, you can choose your own design. Scrub the dirt and sticky residue from the exterior and place rubbish in dustbin.



Game Video:


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